Sophisticated, intuitive, information-rich

The Sliding Monitor, for which we create the programming and hardware interface, is a compact, monitor/CPU carriage unit that integrates into a highly visual, content-rich exhibit. As visitors slide the carriage to trigger points on a background, various media — videos, graphics, animation, for example – appear on the monitor.

From 10 – 20 feet long and millions of bits deep, the Sliding Monitor-equipped exhibit opens up a creative, efficient, and high-impact avenue for synthesizing and communicating educational or business information.

Perfect Prototype has customized Sliding Monitor exhibits for a multiplicity of applications, including the following examples.

Philadelphia Flyers & Sixers History

After 10 years, the Philadelphia Flyers and Sixers basketball “history zone” in the Wachovia arena had grown somewhat stale. A new breath of life was added when Perfect Prototype and colleagues created four sliding monitors to dynamically show off the exciting history of these teams.

United Parcel Service (UPS) – Multi-Language Traveling Exhibit

UPS needed a traveling exhibit to show off their global presence. Perfect Prototype programmed this exhibit to be able to instantly switch between eight different languages, including Mandarin and traditional Chinese. With the push of a button, all the video, text, and images would swap out into a localized version specific for each visitor.

Honeywell – 11 Sliding Monitors and Counting

Honeywell needed to showcase their extensive multi-national product lines. Perfect Prototype programmed six sliding monitors for the award-winning corporate visitors center in Washington D.C. The success of these sliding monitors encouraged Honeywell to create portable versions to take on the road. An additional three sliding monitors were created for talent recruitment in Eastern Europe and India. Two additional programs were produced to showcase their business in China. These multi-lingual versions would switch all assets between English and Chinese with a push of a button.

Abbott Labs – Executive Board Room in Abbott House

In the executive board room of the Abbott founder’s original house / laboratory, Abbott wanted to highlight their achievements through interviews with their scientists, multimedia animations of their breakthroughs, and the history of the company. When not in use, the monitor cycles through many of the famous works in the company’s extensive art collection.

Carnegie Mellon University – Robot Hall of Fame

The Carnegie Mellon Robot Hall of Fame enlisted Perfect Prototype to graphically and dramatically tell the story of famous robots from both science and science fiction. Using a sliding monitor and customized software, we delivered a highly informative, visually stimulating experience that highlighted landmarks in robotics technology and the increasing contributions of robots to human endeavors.

Hyundai Tradeshow Sliding Monitor

Car-maker Hyundai wanted an exhibit that would captivate trade show visitors. With a sliding monitor as the centerpiece, we developed software and blended multiple videos, eye-catching images, and a lively, animated interface to highlight the car’s many features. The project’s success led the client to extend the schedule and request additional support.

Tampa Bay History Center – War Timeline

Perfect Prototype worked with Cortina Productions to program a sliding monitor timeline that spanned Tampa Bay’s important military history and the contributions made to the war efforts, from the first settlements up to the present day.

Human Anatomy Slider
Honeywell Wall
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