Energizing Presentations with AR

Energizing Presentations with AR

An enterprising executive of a global consumer goods company wanted to get beyond PowerPoints and videos in his presentation to 2,500 marketing/sales representatives and make an instant impact and lasting impression. He knew enough about augmented reality (AR) to want to experiment. Perfect Prototype knew just about everything about augmented reality – and especially its possibilities.

We set the following criteria for the AR components:

  • Priority: The presenter had to be the center of attention, not the AR
  • Natural: The presenter had to be and look comfortable with the AR objects.
  • Simple: The objects needed to be easily manipulated without distracting the presenter.
  • Hand-held: We did not want AR to look like a table-top demonstration.
  • Forgiving: The AR had to allow flexible movements without distorting the onscreen effects.
  • Product-related: AR would reinforce the bottom-line messages of the presenter.

Using a client-supplied script and some props and having our professionals create 3D renderings and animations, Perfect Prototype built six, brief augmented reality scenarios that blended seamlessly with the presenter’s remarks.

The six scenarios were:

  1. A small, handheld product became a moving Ferris wheel of products on screen.
  2. A $100 bill generated an onscreen chart and, when tipped, spilled out coins.
  3. Another handheld product produced a robot-like projector that showed a video.
  4. A headshot photo of the presenter became a video of himself and then of prototype customers.
  5. An image of a retail store morphed into a 3D counter with products flying in to fill the shelves.
  6. Two promotional brochures, when moved together and then apart, resulted in a mosaic of customer images.

The audience was amazed and delighted by the AR illustrations and by the presenter’s intuitive use of AR.

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