Augmented Reality Tradeshow Kiosk

Augmented reality offers exhibitors an innovative, eye-catching way to attract and educate prospective customers at trade shows. Perfect Prototype plied its AR expertise to do just that for a consumer products company (confidentiality required) by using the client’s products and building four augmented reality scenarios for two kiosks at a major show in Atlanta.

Two highlights of the four-part experience included:

Packaging Promotion

To immerse visitors in the company’s current promotional campaign, Perfect Prototype used a client product as the marker-object for augmented reality. When the product was held in front of the camera, the visitor saw his hands and the now animated, 3D product pulsating. When the user pushed a button on the product, a full-screen flash of white pulled back into the video image, the character on the package disappeared, and sand began leaking from the package.

The user could rotate the product graphic and play with the falling sand. As he did that, a U.S. map emerged onscreen with stars indicating hot-spot cities. When the user moved the hand-held product over any of three designated cities, the package graphics changed into new city-specific promotional packaging, and location-specific music – jazz, for example, for New Orleans — played.

Fill the Fridge

A card held up in front of a camera triggered a 3D product that appeared to “frost over,” crystallized in space, and then morphed into a branded refrigerator. The user was invited to open the fridge by pressing a virtual button, which caused four varieties of the product to animate out in 3D with special effects. Pressing the button again moved the products into the fridge, which closed and reopened fully stocked.

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