A Multimedia World on a Table

Columbia, Maryland’s new Robinson Nature Center offers an escape into reality – the real and networked world of trees, rivers, wildlife, and humans. This 25,000 square foot, energy-smart and environmentally sensitive, education facility, nestled beside a 1,000-acre forest, simplifies and teaches the rich complexity of nature to visitors of all ages.

Making the complex simple was also the challenge for Perfect Prototype. Working with Lynch Exhibits, we engineered and blended the mechanics, software, and visuals, and packaged it all into a compact, easily accessible exhibit.

Users intuitively maneuver the exhibit’s circular table to fly a 3D game-like helicopter around a topographical map. Landing the copter on various sites generates text and videos that detail the natural dynamics of each location.

What makes the exhibit especially effective is Perfect Prototype’s skill at staying focused on the user’s experience while keeping the technology transparent. And, as always, other priorities included quality,reliability, and on-time delivery.