Portable and Affordable Interactive Game

You’re concerned…

  • It’s three weeks before your trade show and you still don’t have a crowd attractor.
  • The planned Happy Hour for your customer gathering doesn’t seem very happy.
  • The lobby in your office or public area is … well, boring.

The solution :

Add our portable and affordable PopShot basketball game, and watch your space come alive.

PopShot offers people of all ages an engaging and entertaining experience that tests skill and encourages competition. Built on simple but sophisticated technology, PopShot means convenience and cost-effectiveness for you – and enthused supporters.

All you need to get started

is a computer, kinect sensor, and a monitor — all of which you can purchase or leave to us.

The game is familiar to most and intuitive for everyone. The user walks up about six feet from the monitor, sees your logo and colors on the game, and begins playing by taking “hold” of the virtual ball (right or left hand), without actually touching a real object or moving a device. There’s nothing to learn

You set the length of the game – from 30 to 90 seconds – and the level of difficulty. In fact, you can even configure PopShot to make everyone a winner. The physics of shooting a basketball is precise and the lively sound effects stir enthusiasm.

For the get-up-and-running, base price for PopShot:

Perfect Prototype will:

  • “skin” the graphics with you logo and color scheme;
  • install our proprietary software remotely; and
  • support you during the setup and during your event (or for one year for permanent installations.)

If you need more than that, we are ready to provide it. For example, Perfect Prototype can:

  • supply the computer and kinect hardware
  • configure multiple screens for a larger game display
  • provide on-site setup and support
  • offer discounts for multiple units and multiple events
  • create specifications for a permanent installation

Contact us today to order your PopShot