University of Michigan Quarterback Kinect Game

Down by 4 against your biggest rival, you’ve got 90 seconds to score a touchdown and win it for Michigan!

That’s the scenario of Perfect Prototype’s latest Kinect game. We built it from scratch, including the custom 3D animation and the modeling of Michigan’s iconic stadium. The game was integrated into the University of Michigan’s existing Hall of Honor video walls that Perfect Prototype developed.

The Kinect sensor tracks which way the player — the quarterback — has turned his torso, and then rotates the quarterback’s field of view. The player must locate a receiver, decide if he is open for a pass, and then move an arm to throw the ball. Throw too late or too soon, and it’s an incomplete pass. The longer the player/quarterback waits, the camera view closes in on him, just like the “pocket” closes in a real football game, until he is finally sacked.

The game features:

  • Full football game logic for first downs, yards to go, scoring, and sacked yardage.
  • Over 40+ custom animations for the quarterback, receivers, defenders, and offensive and defensive lines
  • A customized system that adjusts the time rate of playback to make the game easier or harder
  • A 3D player “Fat” simulator that accommodates all body sizes and shapes, from receiver to offensive lineman
  • Full football physics simulation on throws
  • Touchdown dances for winning (and losing)

Perfect Prototype created this complete turnkey software from scratch, including all gameplay design, graphic design, 3D animations, and programming.