Motion-sensing, Immersive Games

Big 10 Kinect Game
Show Your Stance

Whatever sport you want to feature, Perfect Prototype can steep your audience in the game by customizing Microsoft’s X-Box Kinect to track and turn body movements into athletic feats. For example …

Flat Displays of Infinite Depth

Big 10 Video Wall
Stanley Cup Interactive
The All-Time Team

  • Do you have lots to tell but not a lot of space in which to tell it, and an audience who might not spend a lot of time consuming it? Perfect Prototype’s video wall converts your big story into a big presence that captivates fans, and lets you easily edit and update your content anytime from almost anywhere.
    Check out how we did this for the Big10 Headquarters.
  • Perhaps you want to highlight sports heroes of the past whose names are on a trophy. Perfect Prototype can turn that trophy into a 3-D, on-screen replica that visitors can intuitively rotate and pull closer to read names. Selecting a certain team or player can bring up a video highlights reel of greatest moments.
    Check out how we did this for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • Rather than creating a static Hall of Fame with inscribed plaques, consider a panoramic display of touch-screen kiosks that profile your team’s all-time greats in words, photos and videos. The screens can use one or more synchronized screensavers that span the displays. Updating the content is easy and quick.
    Check out how we did this for the Pittsburgh Penguins.