Blending what is real with what can be imagined

Only three components are required to create an immersive AR experience:

  • Hardware: high-definition camera (though a webcam works well, too) and a computer
  • Software: visual recognition software
  • Creativity: a group of highly skilled visualists and storytellers

The camera captures an object – a card, advertisement, face – that the software recognizes, then integrates 3D animation, and delivers a combined real-animated scene to the monitor. The merged live-digital scene creates an eye-catching, engaging, and memorable experience.

Augmented Reality’s Limitless Potential

Augmented Reality offers numerous applications but is particularly effective as:

  • a trade show kiosk;
  • an unusual visual illustration in speeches;
  • a promotional tool on the Web; and
  • an application on iPhones and Android cell phones.

The Perfect Prototype Advantage

Perfect Prototype offers the highest quality augmented reality based on:

  • our long, deep, and diverse experience with the technology;
  • our seamless technology; no delay in the responsiveness of the digital imagery –
    the real and the augmented move together in real-time and in high definition;
  • and our technology partnership with the leading AR provider.