Perfect Prototype: What We Do

Augmented reality, 3D, haptic devices,
sliding monitors, mobile applications

We specialize in:

  • turning “what ifs” into interactive experiences where people are the interface; and
  • ensuring that our creative projects produce meaningful, memorable, and measureable results.

With traditional video and paper media reaching their limits of effectiveness, Perfect Prototype offers clever, user-centric technologies with intuitive interfaces that turn ordinary events into remembered experiences.

Our approach is to use a range of digital tools to compress enormous amounts of visual and text information into compact, technology-driven displays.

For example:

  • For two museums, Perfect Prototype produced augmented reality exhibits, one allowing a 3-D heart to be “held” and explored in users’ hands [More Details], and the other educating visitors through games to match brain functions to the augmented reality brain in their hands. [More Details]
  • For an executive of a major consumer company, we created six augmented reality illustrations that were woven into his presentation to 2,500 people. [More details]
  • For a global company’s major tradeshow, Perfect Prototype turned a marketing campaign into imaginative product stories using augmented reality. [More details ]
  • For the Pittsburgh Penguins’ new hockey arena, we helped conceptualize and engineer the technical aspects of a score of exhibits and built a fun, augmented reality interactive called, “Put Your Game Face On.” [More Details]
  • For Norfolk Southern Railways’ headquarters museum, Perfect Prototype converted locomotive control stands into user-activated, 3-D rides that replicated the experience of operating a train. [More Details]
  • For a network of museums, we built a haptic arm-wrestling exhibit that allowed visitors to compete against others across the country in real time. [More Details]
  • For design firm Blenderhaus’ client Proctor & Gamble, we implemented teen-directed, viral marketing campaigns.
  • For Honeywell, Perfect Prototype created kiosks, kinetic multimedia presentations, and other interactives to showcase the company’s business opportunities and community service.
  • For the Kansas City Royals and Sprint, Perfect Prototype designed and implemented the technology for an in-stadium kiosk that captured pictures of fans and emailed them a printable, customized baseball card memento of their fun time at a Royals game. [More Details]

Promising opportunities

We produce a range of captivating, immersive experiences that transform 2-D into 3-D presentations, including:

  • Exploring hands-on learning by manipulating a product or other object to demonstrate multi-faceted features and information.
  • Turning a flat booklet with limited information into a user-driven multimedia adventure.
  • Allowing customers and prospects the flexibility and convenience of using at-home web cameras to experience augmented reality.
  • Staging mind-boggling presentations for large and small crowds that stretch the imagination, persuade, and inspire.
  • Leveraging a host of interactive technologies — RFID, scales, laser proximity systems, accelerometers, vision based motion tracking, and traditional technologies – into convincing demonstrations of products and services.

That’s what we do at Perfect Prototype.    Now, what can we do for you?    Contact us.