SmartSource - Using Smart Devices without an App

Zoom, pinch, swipe to interact with exhibits

Those seemingly passive people meandering about your exhibit space have something in their hands or pockets that will activate their interest: a smartphone, most likely an iPhone. All they have to do is respond to your local Wi-Fi connection invitation – there’s no App to download — and the multi-screen display in front of them becomes their private interactive experience.

Perfect Prototype has developed a clever technique – we call it SmartSource — for exciting curiosity and engrossing visitors. SmartSource links the operating software on the visitor’s device with a computer’s software to create two-way communication.

That means someone can use her smartphone to easily control content on an exhibit. In turn, the computer can broadcast the exhibit content to the device. What’s even more exciting is that multiple exhibit viewers can interact with each other through their devices and on the exhibit. Now, that’s true interactivity.

What are the applications? Let’s say…

  • You want to show off a new product that is too big or too awkward to move from tradeshow to tradeshow. You could display a 3D image of it on a large screen and have the visitor, on her iPhone or iPad, resize it, zoom in on a specific section, and have information – words, illustrations, videos, etc. — pop up either on the screen or on the iPhone or tablet.
  • You have several people waiting to interact with your exhibit. With a smart device, there’s no waiting. The individual can view and manipulate the same presentation on his device as the person involved with the actual exhibit.
  • You want to know what an audience thinks about a certain issue. Post survey questions on a screen and let the audience register their answers through their smart devices. As responses are made, a graphic can chart the group’s views.
  • You want visitors to know about various geographic locations. Perhaps you are selling homes in retirement communities. Again, using iPhones or other such devices, visitors can maneuver helicopters to land on particular sites, which triggers videos and other information. Several visitors, each with his or her own helicopter, can interact at the same time.
  • You want to draw more visitors to your space or a particular exhibit, and you devise a game that is played with smartphones by several visitors on a large overhead screens – or outdoor billboard – that can be viewed from anywhere.
  • You want to generate additional income for your museum. Consider installing a number of SmartSource – based exhibits and charging a separate fee for “renting” a smart phone or tablet.
  • You want to extend your tradeshow or museum interactive out to the visitor’s office and home. SmartSource can be used at any time over the Internet at any location to replicate the on-site exhibit.

SmartSource allows for easy updating of content; change the content on the exhibit and all smart devices reflect those changes.

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