What we do

Creating promising opportunities by transforming ideas into engaging, interactive experiences

We produce a range of captivating, immersive experiences that transform 2-D into 3-D experiences, including:

  • Exploring hands-on learning by manipulating a product or other object to demonstrate multi-faceted features and information.
  • Turning a flat booklet with limited information into a user-driven multimedia adventure.
  • Allowing customers and prospects the flexibility and convenience of using at-home web cameras to experience augmented reality.
  • Staging mind-boggling presentations for large and small crowds that stretch the imagination, persuade, and inspire.
  • Leveraging a host of interactive technologies — RFID, scales, laser proximity systems, accelerometers, vision based motion tracking, and traditional technologies – into convincing demonstrations of products and services.

Perfect Prototype prides itself on providing a large range of services including :

    Designing, engineering and producing innovative interactive experiences
    Blending what is real with what can be imagined
    Zoom, pinch, swipe… interact using smart devices to your advantage
    Slot Machines, real-time quizzes, interactive games, virtual reality… Creating unique experiences for your events
    Integrating information and visuals into sophisticated, self-paced multimedia experiences
    Intrigue and entertain visitors using motion-tracking technology
    Making learning come alive through fun and immersive interaction
    An entertaining tool for education and marketing

Smart Interactives

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Augmented Reality

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Mobile Applications

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Games & Giveaways

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Sliding Monitors

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Motion-Sensing Games

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Educational Exhibits

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Virtual Reality

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Our Process

The Perfect Prototype Advantage

  • Discovery

    We work with your team to identify the story you would like to tell. We look at what assets you have available and help you choose the best technology for telling your story; not what works for us, but what works for you.

  • Design

    Now that the content has been identified, we turn it into storyboards, prototypes, and other visuals to refine your story to pinpoint accuracy.

  • Development

    Our tech wizards build on the designs and put it together into a rock-solid, bullet-proof technology experience. We know what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Install

    We make sure your technology is setup properly, we will make adjustments as needed, and support you as you need it.

Project Spotlight

Creating powerfully simple technology to convert
client messages into engaging and memorable interactive
experiences is what we do.

What can we do for you?