"Health Gallery: My Body Works" at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

Interactive stations that promote whole-body health through movement and fun

Perfect Prototype is proud to be a part of the “Health Gallery: My Body Works” at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center in Mobile, Alabama.

Perfect Prototype partnered with Exhibit Engineering to help create and implement 17 stations with 9 unique interactive exhibits for the gallery, including our showpiece Augmented Reality Heart Anatomy exhibit. Perfect Prototype also designed and installed a unique RFID smart-card system that allows visitors to record and print out their personal results from interactives around the gallery.

The new gallery includes over 50 educational/entertaining health-science exhibits and a professionally equipped Bio Lab for hands-on learning and career development. The gallery, unique to the region, applies many leading-edge interactive exhibit technologies. The new exhibits are presented in the gallery’s five zones: General Anatomy, Eat Right for Life, Fit for Life, Cyber Surgery and the Bio Lab. Perfect Prototype’s responsibilities included technical development, design, content research, electronics and software development and programming.

Measuring Results
Perfect Prototype helped create interactive stations that promote whole-body health through movement and fun. We design and install software and electronics for nine unique, health-focused exhibits totaling 17 kiosks, including a human anatomy sliding monitor and an RFID smart-card tracking system. The system monitored the activities of visitors in relation to 23 data metrics – Body Mass Index, for instance — as they moved among 12 exhibits. When finished, they print their activities report on check-out kiosks.

Augmented Reality : The Heart
Perfect Prototype created a showpiece, augmented reality heart exhibit designed to fascinate adults and children alike about the human body as well as educate them on critical public health issues. Hold an animated, beating 3-D heart in the palm of your hand and watch it expand to reveal information about the chambers and circulatory system. Click here to learn more about the augmented reality heart.

Head to Toe
Visitors use a sliding monitor to scan a life-sized image of the human body and delve into five anatomical systems: skeletal, muscular, cardiopulmonary, nervous and digestive. With just a touch the screen, users can switch from one system to the next or can access videos or text panels for in-depth information.

The My Body Works Gallery opened January 2009. The gallery was designed to fascinate adults and children alike as they explore how their bodies work, and familiarize themselves with critical public health issues such as obesity, now reaching epidemic proportions across the nation.

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