The BIG Ten Experience

Bringing historic academic and athletic past to life and placing it at fans’ fingertips

Large 3D graphics video wall highlighting over 100 years of conference history? ? Check
Kinect-based social sports game? ? Check
Email photos of you showing off you skills? ? Check

Perfect Prototype developed all this for the Big Ten Experience outside Chicago.

“This is BIG”
Touchscreen Video Wall brings the Big Ten’s historic academic and athletic past to life and places it at their fans’ fingertips. Fans of the Big Ten conference have the opportunity to discover the conference’s rich history and current achievements through a larger-than-life display.

On the back-end, a Content Management System lets the Big 10 organization update the video as often as they like.

Social Team Kinect Game
Fans choose their favorite conference team to participate in an interactive game. First, choose between soccer, football, or hockey. Then you try to catch the balls or defend the net against your team. In game, real-time footage of the players shows on the “scoreboard” while the Kinect takes and saves photos of the user while playing. At the end of experience, user has the option to email themselves (or their friends!) one of the images customized to document their visit.

The Hockey game has been re-purposed and re-skinned for other clients, including the Colorado Avalanche. We can do the same for you!

Perfect Prototype teamed up with long time partner Dimensional Innovations to realize this installation.

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