92 days, 37 kiosks, Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium

3 months to conceptualize and engineer 37 kiosks

3 months to conceptualize and engineer 37 kiosks
For the project, we:

  • created the 3D assets and animations;
  • handled all programming and software installation;
  • orchestrated all details of the AR exhibit; and
  • produced software templates and remote access that allow updating and troubleshooting.

Perfect Prototype met the schedule and budget – and our high standards of quality.

Stanley Cup 3D Interactive
Perfect Prototype developed an intuitive way to preserve the excitement of viewing hockey’s Stanley Cup whenever and forever. Fans use an iPhone-like interface to rotate and zoom the Cup, and read inscribed names from past winners. Of course, all three of the Pittsburgh Penguins winning years are highlighted, and selecting them shows a video highlight reel of the greatest moments from their championship series.

The Fan-voted All-Time Team
A panoramic display of 18 touch-screen kiosks profiles the greatest Penguins players in words, photos, and videos. Featuring 16 of the greatest players, 5 of the honorable mention players, and 13 coaches, announcers, and other penguins personalities, the technical highlights include:

  • a swipe interface for selecting players, videos, and statistics;
  • three synchronized screensavers that span the entire 18 displays;
  • a central content management system that updates the unit quickly and easily;
  • a unit dedicated to displaying the greatest fans, streamed from the sponsor’s website.

Augmented Reality – Put Your Game Face On
The attention-grabbing kiosk combines advanced augmented reality technology, Web-connected touch-screens, and fun. Face-recognition and HD cameras running at 1920×1080 resolution capture the fan on screen and trigger the AR engine to superimpose one of eight 3D “game faces” selected by the user. Fans can enter their email addresses to have their images instantly emailed to them.

3D Youth Hockey Database
A 3D display showcases over 100 jerseys and links to Pittsburgh-area high school and club teams. Live news and statistics from all the local teams can be accessed through the three kiosks.

Championship Moments Media Viewer
A showcase of videos and photos highlights the Penguins’ history.

Fan of the Week Photo Kiosk
Fans can have their picture taken in the lobby, which is composited into a printable souvenir, emailed to them, and entered into the sponsor’s “Fan of the Week” contest. Once uploaded to the sponsor’s contest, photos go into rotation on a monitor in the “All Time Team” exhibit.

The Kids Zone includes two different interactive games. The face-off interactive tests quickness with a real hockey stick in hitting a virtual puck when dropped. Can you beat Mario Lemieux? The “Match and Learn” section consists of a single monitor that lets fans play a Wii interactive, match players to childhood photos, and learn, for example, how pucks are made.

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