Hunter Industries' Complete Sales Presenter App

Master control for all tradeshow displays and sales team iPads

How do you make sure all your tradeshow kiosks and hundreds of sales reps are using the latest content? Call Perfect Prototype.

Hunter Industries International Inc.
Hunter had a big challenge for Perfect Prototype and our partners at Derse Inc.: to organize Hunter’s overwhelmingly large list of products in a way attendees (or potential clients) would quickly understand, while pleasing Hunter’s product managers who expected every element in the Hunter Catalog to be shown prominently and equally.

Perfect Prototype designed and built a master content management system the allowed tradeshow product managers to build custom modules of content (down to the screensaver attract images!) and then sync it to iPads used to run the displays (offline of course). Why not expand this system for all the sales reps? Keep everything centrally located and with tight controls, then sync it all locally with one touch in the app.

Because of Perfect Prototype’s success in developing this all-in-one sales presenter app, Hunter saw leads jump by 88% compared to their previous 12 months. Booth staff were able to easily navigate through the app to show everything from schematics to promotional videos and animations showing products in use. The navigation was simple and effective so that attendees could direct their own journey through the immense Hunter product catalog.

“It’s remarkable how effective this app and redesign were in solving the problem and producing measurable outcomes” – EXHIBITOR magazine

This tradeshow experience and all-inclusive app’s performance and results contributed to EXHIBITOR magazine announcing Christine Sionne, CTSM, tradeshow manager of Hunter Industries International Inc. as one of its winners of the 22nd annual All-Star Awards. The annual All-Star Awards honor exhibit managers and corporate event planners who have faced a specific challenge and created innovative solutions that drastically improved their companies’ programs and achieved measurable results.

Sionne said on the app, “[it] became a sort of songbook for staffers, guiding them through presentations and demos according to attendees’ needs.”

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