Augmented Mapping : The Visual Flow of Ideas

Turn any surface into an all-absorbing, bigger-than-life theater event

Turn just about any surface – a building wall, for example — with just about any shape – flat, curved, multi-tiered – into an all-absorbing, bigger-than-life theater event.

The exciting software technology, called Augmented Mapping, flexes the video image to match and flow perfectly over the contours of irregularly shaped “screens.”

Pressing a button on a computer or wireless tablet brings down the lights and brings up an amazing interplay of sound, and motion from compact and conveniently positioned HD projectors. Select a different video from the play list, and the visual experience changes.

The presentation can be produced for interactivity, and can be integrated into an AMX system or custom-control panels.

The cost is determined by such factors as:

  • the complexity of the video/animation;
  • the amount of ambient light around the screen surface;
  • and the client’s timetable.

Turnaround is about 8-12 weeks.

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